storms pakhus


Storms pakhus


Come along and discover how the beautiful old warehouse has turned into the first street food mekka in Odense with 24 different food stalls, 12 creative stalls as well as an outdoor marked.

In Storms Pakhus we have put together the best enthusiasts from Fynen. All our stall holders has one thing in common, they are all very passionate about what they are doing. You can take a gastro-safari in the Pakhus, discover our creative stalls or buy fresh commodities such as flowers and vegtables at our outdoor marked. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Payment at Storms Pakhus:
All food stalls and bars at Storms Pakhus only accept card payment. If you wish to pay with cash, you can switch them to a prepaid credit card in the bar called Vakse Viggo. You can always get unused money on the card refunded in the same bar.


If you are looking for the perfect gift, you are able to buy a gift card to Storms Pakhus. You just have to go to the bar “FINO VINO”, then our sweet staff will help you out.

A gift card to Storms Pakhus can be used in all food stalls and bars.


There are no available jobs at Storms Pakhus at the moment.

The food stalls are hiring employees themselves, please contact the stall you would like to work for directly.


If arriving by car, you can park at Seebladsgade or Lerchesgade just next to Storms Pakhus.

Also you might be able to find a parking space at Byens Ø or by Erhvervsakademiet Lillebaelt,

which is only a few minutes walk from Storms Pakhus.

The App “ Odense rundt” will tell you where to find free parking spaces in Odense at all times.

Find a parking spot


We are always available if you want to know more of Storms Pakhus, the creative stalls, our fantastic audience or why we have choosen to open a street food marked in the heart of Odense.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if there is anything you would like to know.

Send us an email


If you have lost an item, please contact us in the bar Vakse Viggo, and ask for it.


Can I bring my dog to Storms Pakhus?
We are absolutely sure that your dog is really nice and your best friend, but you can not bring it into the Pakhus, unless it is a guide dog, then of course, you are allowed to bring it.

Can I bring my own food?
We are so proud of all our food stalls, and it is possible to have all kind of different food and drinks in the Pakhus – We are sorry, you are not allowed to bring you own.

Can I smoke a cigarette inside?
No, it is a bad idea, but there are many seats and ashtrays at the large space in front of the Pakhus. Here you are allowed to smoke cigarettes.

I’m not 18 years yet, can I buy a beer anyway?
That is not possible, but the bars have a large selection of juices and sodas.

I’d love to visit You by bike – where can I park it?
We have a large parking lot for bicycles, to the left of the entrance.

Become a partof Storms Pakhus

Are you passionate and want to be a part of Storms Pakhus either as a chef or a creative enthusiast? Then it is possible to rent a stall in Storms Pakhus. Your application must include the following:

1. A description of your concept.

2. A description of how you will contribute to make Storms Pakhus a unique and sustainable place in Odense.


3. An impression of how you will make your stall appear.

Especially for food stalls:

4. A full menu with prices.

5. An overview of how big a part of your commodities will be local.

6. A movie/video of you making one of your dishes.

You can send your application, description of concept and all your materiale to: in just one mail. Processing time is expected to be 2 weeks from we have received your application.

We are looking forward to hear from you!