Company Events

Company Events

You’re done with the tight schedule, tired from the many ours in the conference room and had the white tie dinner. Isn’t it time for a change of scenery? You may also be in need of the right location for all your favourite people – but sometimes it’s a challenge to find one place that fits all. 

That’s when we say: Come together in Storms Pakhus! 

Originally the main purpose of Storms Pakhus was to storage large batches of timber as a warehouse. But today the warehouse has another end: We are the venue in Odense for those of you who wants a different and relaxed place to be. We are the place where you can eat food from all over the world – made by dedicated and impassioned locals. The spot where you can get everything the heart wants in the six bars. Anybody feels welcome in the old warehouse: We are experts in relaxation and especially experienced in facilitating the right settings for people who want to get to know each other – wheth- er you are colleagues, a group of old school friends or childhood buddies! 

In Storms Pakhus there is room for differences – both literally and figuratively speaking. That is why you can arrange your stay in Storms Pakhus just like you request! 

Let us know what you want and book: / +(45) 69 66 95 65 

And on the next pages you can explore all of the opportunities in Storms Pakhus! 


Book a bench in The Garden of Schiøtz! Here you can gather both the many and the few – either way you can always return to your bench and hang out. Throw your Christmas party, Easter lunch, birthday, confirmation, corporate meeting or your own long table dinner. Everything is possible. 

We have a table ready for you – you just have to sit down on the bench and enjoy your company and the indoor garden! 

Of course, you are welcome to drink all the beers you want. It’ll be in honour of the famous brewer Theodor Schiøtz from Funen – who has given name to the garden. But you can also combine your seating at the bench with a “Beverage Options”. Theodor would only drink to that! 


Book an area

Would you like a more private setting? No problem – we’ll find you an area!  In Storms Pakhus we love when people come together. If you are celebrating an anniversary, throwing a birthday party or things like love, everyday life or workplace relationships call for a celebration – let us help you with the proper surroundings. 

We’ll book an area for you only and you can still explore the old, beautiful warehouse. That is why you can have it both ways: You can enjoy the cosy, casual atmosphere in Storms Pakhus and at the same time spend time in your own corner of the warehouse. 

In Storms Pakhus you can also be a thoughtful host and at the same time lean back and spend your time on what’s important: Your guests. On their own they explore the street food they want – and actually it is quite the adventure walking down the cosy streets and allies in Storms Pakhus!  It’s possible to book the following areas: 

The Fairy Tale Card


Travel is to live, said Hans Christian Andersen – the dear fairy tale author from Funen. And you don’t have to go very far in the fairy tale town of Odense to live! Because in Storms Pakhus you and your guests can taste food from all over the world: Use The Fairy Tale Card and go on an adventure in all the many food stalls, go treasure hunting in the cre- ative workshops and explore the cosy corners of the old warehouse. 

The Fairy Tale Card gives you and your group the opportunity to pick and choose exactly what each of you want. Host- ing becomes a whole lot easier in a world with vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, gluten intolerances and all the other special needs and desires! Because in the end you get only one invoice from all of the different, self-employed street food kitchens. 

As a group you can get as many of The Fairy Tale Cards as you like and also deposit the preferred amount on them – and then all of them are charged in only one invoice. It couldn’t be easier going on an adventure, right? The Fairy Tale Card can also be combined with “Book a bench”, “Book an area” and “Cheers in Storms Pakhus”. 

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Beverages Options

In Storms Pakhus no occasion is insignificant as long as you drink a toast to it! Whether you would like a single local beer or turn the beer tap on – we got what it takes to make your time together adventurous and wonderful. 

The small print: The beverage options are for groups and ready when you arrive to your table. 

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Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and lean back while others do the waiting. Our friendly hosts and hostesses are all set to take care of everything – you and your guests only have to chat and touch glasses! 

We’ll have a table ready for you, you put together the menu you want – and voila! We’ll take care of the rest. 

Hosted by Storm’s is an offer for you who don’t want to queue up and who appre- ciate the perfect and customised menu. Whether you would like a unique dinner party or a reception with finger sandwiches. 

Contact our booking department for info about the street food kitchens included in Hosted by Storm’s – and furthermore which dishes you can order. Just remember you have to order minimum 10 dishes from each kitchen. These dishes will be served family style
– meaning that you share the food while bonding with each other! 

Your customised menu has to be ordered not later than 7 days before you show up in Storms Pakhus – it means that our hosts, hostesses and street food kitchens are prepared to their fingertips. We recommend a host by every 12 guest and the price is DKK 325 per hour. 

The small print: 

Purchased beverage is mandatory choosing Hosted by Storm’s. 

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Play and learn


If you are not only hungry and thirsty but also want to learn something new together Storms Pakhus is the perfect place to be! In 2018 we arranged over 500 events: For example, bingo, quiz, talks, yoga, wine tasting and cooking classes. And we’ll arrange it for your group only. It can be anything from workshops to games. For example, you can:

  • Take a class at selected food stalls and upgrade your cooking skills 
  • Devote an evening to play bingo or quiz 
  • Be creative and design pottery, jewellery, clothes and much more with
    guidance from our creative workshops 
  • Listen to talks and be inspired by an interesting individual 
  • Learn thesalsa steps, do yoga and a whole lot more that will break a sweat

Let’s have a chat and find out what you want, what’s possible and also the cost. You just have to be aware that the options vary from time to time and we have to talk at least two weeks before the big day! 

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Company events in Storms Pakhus



We’ve picked out the greatest enthusiasts for beer, gin and wine to introduce you to all the wonders of the beverag- es! It doesn’t get any better: Indulge yourselves while a well-oriented guide tells you about the tastes, vintages, histories, manufacturers and a lot more! You just have to book the tasting a week before it takes place. 

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