Company Events

Company Events

Pull the colleagues away from the office and gather them for a cosy and informal day, socializing with the company. At Storms Pakhus, we want to be the place, where you can gather the co-workers after office hours. Here we have plenty of space for your department or the entire company. At Storms Pakhus, we offer something for everybody regardless if you are a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian or gluten-intolerant. Our wide selection in the bars also offers something for every occasion – no matter if you are just going out for a quick beer after work or want to have a big celebration with cocktails and wine.

We have a table for you!

Book a table in advance, then we will make sure it is all ready for your party, when you arrive. That way you can jump directly from your desk to a table in Storms Pakhus, where food stalls and bars are waiting just for you. We will find you a table in Schiøtz’ Garden or in the back of the warehouse, so you can enjoy each other’s company in cosy surroundings. You can also book an entire area just for your company – that way you’ll get both the space and the private setting. If you wish to book our secluded Greenhouse on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays from 17.00 it is mandatory to buy beverages for a minimum of DKK 12,000 in the bars. The Greenhouse can also be requested at other days and times.


Book the Winebus/Terrace

At Storms Pakhus, you can book the terrace of our Wine Bus for you and your guests. Get comfortable by the old bus, which we have refurnished and made into our very own wine bar with terrace and view over Storms Pakhus – the ideal choice for a celebration out of the extraordinary. The bar is on hand with a large selection of wine, cocktails, and crisp draft beers to quench your thirst. Go and explore Odense’s street food mecca with a range of exciting food stalls – the Wine Bus will still be yours, when you return.

Practicalities: When booking the Wine Bus, we require a minimum spend of DKK 10.000 on beverages. Your booking is valid for a maximum of 5 hours and up to 16 guests in total. The Wine Bus can be booked at any time within the opening hours of Storms Pakhus. In case of bad weather, we will find an area for you and your party inside Hal 1 and the minimum spend is dropped.



When you have put the computer away and the office is empty, it just needs to be easy and relaxing. Therefore, we have various offers for you, that will make your event with the company as relaxed and pleasant as possible. With a Fairy Tale Card each, everybody can decide for themselves what they wish to eat and drink – at the end, your company can pay everything on just one bill. You decide the amount in advance, giving your employees the freedom to choose their own menu. In case there is money left on the cards, it is possible to refund the remaining money for a small fee per card.

You can also buy one of our Beverage Packages for the entire party. That way you can have a toast with your guests as soon as you arrive at your table. We have adapted the beverage packages, so you can decide if you want just a few after-hours beers or if you want to go off the rails with a wide selection for the office party.


It might also be time for a fun get-together with the co-workers. Maybe a private game of quiz or a creative workshop could be just the right thing. We have put together different Event Packages with fun activities that we can customize to your needs and wishes.


A quiz is always a classic discipline that creates competition among the friend group or colleagues. You can compete in common knowledge, movies or maybe something entirely different. We have the settings, sound, host and great atmosphere – all you need are the prizes for the winners.

Complete price is DKK 3,000 (Prizes are not included)


Wheel of Fortune Live is music and entertainment combined with a classic game of spinning the wheel. Here there are lots of small, fun and crazy prizes. We have the settings with two hosts and a stage with lights and music.

The price is DKK 8,000 incl. small prizes or DKK 10,000 incl. larger prizes.


Does a creative or culinary workshop with your team or friend group sound intriguing? We customize workshops at Storms Pakhus according to your wishes from DKK 250 per person. You are always welcome to contact us for more information about which workshops we offer.

Let’s have a talk about your needs and wishes and what is possible. Contact us at least 2 weeks in advance, so we can plan everything for you.

We also host different tastings – So if you want to try an educational and tasteful experience, a tasting is an obvious choice. Read more about our tastings here

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Maybe you want to plan a spectacular Christmas party for the whole office – Don’t worry, we can take care of that too. We offer a different and informal Christmas dinner with live music, decorations and Christmas hats for everyone.

Contact us and hear more about what we can offer for your company event at Storms Pakhus or call +(45) 69 66 95 65 

Christmas Parties


Maybe you want to spoil your colleagues with an exciting and educational experience – then try one of our tastings at Storms Pakhus. We offer wine, gin and beer tastings with a various selection and guidance from our tasting specialists.

Read more about our tastings