Handling COVID-19 in Storms Pakhus

Storms Pakhus takes the COVID-19 situation very seriously, and we are constantly monitoring the development of the virus and follow all regulations and recommendations from the National Board of Health. When you visit Storms Pakhus your and all of our guests’ comfort is central – and it will continue to be under the following guidelines

  • You have to show your corona/vaccinepassport in order to eat inside. Exceptions are: to pick up takeaway, kids under age 15 and (official) documentation exempting you.


  • We have limited physical contact and have removed some of our tables. DO NOT remove or move tables as they are set up according to the guidelines from the National Board of Health.


  • Show consideration and help us keep distance between other guests and our employees – especially when standing in que to both bars and food stalls.


  • You can pay with cash in our bars. Our food stalls are cashless.


  • Read more under the specific event for more information about guidelines and special conditions due to COVID-19.

You can also make a difference by following these guidelines:

  • Wash hands and use disinfection frequently. Sinks are set up outside and you will find hand sanitizer at all bars, toilets, entrances.


  • Show consideration and help us keep distance to other guests and to our staff – especially when standing in queue to both bars and food stalls.


  • Take care of each other by coughing and sneezing in your sleeve, not in your hands.


  • Stay at home if you feel ill or are sick. If you have any illness symptoms, you should stay home to prevent exposing others.


  • You are also very welcome to bring you own cutlery from home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corona Virus

We take the situation seriously and always follow the recommendations and directions of the National Board of Health. Read more here –

Our priority is to reinforce prevention to protect both our employees and our guests. Our employees and tenant staff with any cold or flu symptoms are required to stay at home and contact their doctor via phone.

See above and read more about what initiatives Storms Pakhus is taking.

There has been no report of transmission of COVID-19 via food and therefore there is no evidence that food items imported into the European Union in accordance with the applicable animal and public health regulations pose a risk for the health of EU citizens in relation to COVID-19. The main mode of transmission is from person to person.

We have set up sinks outside and encourage all guests to wash their hands frequently. Hand sanitizers are located at entrances and bars. We encourage all guests to use hand sanitizer when you: arrive, before and after you eat, before and after you order and pay for your food, after you have been to the toilet and when you leave Storms Pakhus again.

Our staff frequently disinfects card terminals, door handles on entry and toilet doors and they keep surfaces clean throughout the day.

We send all staff with any symptom home and recommend that you stay home and don’t visit public spaces if you feel any sick.


We do everything to make you feel safe:

  • The space between our tables is larger than one and a half meters so that people can keep distance, as well as we have a seating area outside. Due to the circumstances we have increased the distance further by removing tables and reducing the number of seats. DO NOT move or remove tables as they are positioned due to the regulations from the National Board of Health.
  • At every food stall and bar there is glass barriers to ensure distance between staff and guests. And there are markers on the floors at all food stalls and bars to help everyone keep the proper distance and to guide everyone around in Pakhuset. Help us and show consideration for both guests and staff.
  • Our large outdoor area has been designed according to the regulations and you will also find sinks, that we encourage you to use: When you arrive, before and after you eat and before leaving the warehouse again.
  • We have created a new system which means that no rags are available to anyone but our staff. In doing so we avoid hand bacteria being transferred to the tables or rags.
  • All staff with any symptoms of illness – even the slightest cold – must stay at home. We encourage you to do the same.

Yes, you can book a table. We take the assembly ban seriously and follow all guidelines from The National Board of Health.