Ukrainian Cheburek House

CHEBUREKI is similar to a samosa or the well-known “meat pies” from England, but then again not at all. The incredibly thin and deep-fried dough is unique and the insides can vary. As something special, Chebureki House also offers sweet versions of the dish.


The Chebureki itself originates from the peninsular Krim but is also prevalent in Ukraine, Russia, and the surrounding countries. It’s one of the most popular street foods in Ukraine and is now on offer in Denmark, Funen, and Odense. A Chebureki is a regular dough consisting of flour, salt, water, and some secret ingredients. The dough is filled with any type of filling you desire. Finally, it is deep-fried to give it a crispy outside.



THE WOMAN BEHIND (or rather the family behind) is called Liudmyla. She’s from the Eastern part of Ukraine and ran Cheburek House in Kyiv. She’s an experienced chef and has done her fair share of cooking traditional Ukrainian dishes beside her husband. She started 25 years ago with her own catering company. Her many recipes come from her grandmother. Liudmyla has a giant family that somehow is involved in the business. The whole family wants to establish themselves as a business in Storms Pakhus while introducing all of Funen to Ukrainian openness, culture, and tradition.

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