Private Parties

Want to gather family, friends or colleagues for an amazing evening in great company? Then Storms Pakhus is the obvious choice. With our 6000-squaremetre, there is plenty of room for both small and large parties, and room for your guests to choose the dining experience they wish to have, while you gather for a meal at the same table. At Storms Pakhus we offer different and informal settings, where you can have both the traditional and offbeat experiences. We’ll do our best to create a perfect evening for your party – therefore we offer different solutions, to complete your day. Come gather your friends and family at Storms Pakhus!

Below you can read more about the different sociable options, we offer to you and your party, when you visit Storms Pakhus. If you have any further questions, please contact us at


Book a table for you and your party to make sure you have your very own table when you arrive at the warehouse. We can book a table for you at Schiøtz’ Garden or in the back of the warehouse, where you can enjoy each other’s company in a peaceful environment.

With your own table, you can all safely go out and discover the food stalls – the table will still be reserved for you, when you return. We recommend that you book a table if you are more than 4 persons. Booking for the same day, must take place before 16.00.



If you are a large party or just wish to have some privacy, we have a solution for that as well. We’ll book an area just for your party and customize the settings, so you can celebrate love, birthdays, the office party, or just the fact that it is finally Friday again.

Larger parties can book The Greenhouse, which is a cosy, secluded and remote area in the back of the warehouse. Here you will have the privacy, but still be able to enjoy the informal atmosphere in the warehouse. If you wish to book the entire Greenhouse for your party on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays after 17.00, it is mandatory to buy DKK 12,000 worth of beverages – you can profitably choose a Beverage Package for your entire party. These packages are described below.

The Greenhouse can also be requested at other days and times.



A delightful drink is necessary! And no matter the occasion, we offer the perfect opportunity to have a cheerful toast with your party. We have the right setup, whether you like beer, wine, bubbles or cocktails.

When you purchase a beverage package for your party, you’ll get a wristband to show in the bar when getting a drink. It is a trade-to-new concept; therefore, you can only get one beverage at the time. If you wish to have your drinks served at your table, an extra service fee will be added.

Before dinner:

Start out your dining experience by welcoming your party with a lovely aperitif. Choose between:

Prosecco DKK 60 pr. person
Aperol Spritz DKK 65 pr. person
Storms G&T DKK 70 pr. person

Practical information: The beverage packages are meant for groups of minimum 8 persons. When arriving, you will get your beverage-wristband at the bar called Fino Vino. 



More than just food and drinks!

Need a fun get-together with the study group or do you want to challenge your colleagues? We got it! At Storms Pakhus we can satisfy more than just your thirst and hunger. We have put together three different event packages for your party to spice up the dinner with a fun activity, just for you.


A quiz is always a classic discipline that creates competition among the friend group or colleagues. You can compete in common knowledge, movies or maybe something entirely different. We have the settings, sound, host and great atmosphere – all you need are the prizes for the winners.

Complete price is DKK 3,000 (Prizes are not included)


Wheel of Fortune Live is music and entertainment combined with a classic game of spinning the wheel. Here there are lots of small, fun and crazy prizes. We have the settings with two hosts and a stage with lights and music.

The price is DKK 8,000 incl. small prizes or DKK 10,000 incl. larger prizes.


Does a creative or culinary workshop with your team or friend group sound intriguing? We customize workshops at Storms Pakhus according to your wishes from DKK 250 per person. You are always welcome to contact us for more information about which workshops we offer.

Let’s have a talk about your needs and wishes and what is possible. Contact us at least 2 weeks in advance, so we can plan everything for you.

Let’s have a talk about your needs and wishes and what is possible. Contact us at least 2 weeks in advance, so we can plan everything for you.

We also host different tastings – So if you want to try an educational and tasteful experience, a tasting is an obvious choice. Read more about our tastings here



A card for all food stalls and bars paid on one bill!

“To travel is to live”, said the famous author Hans Christian Andersen – and in the fairy tale city of Odense you don’t need to travel very far to live. With the Fairy Tale Card in your hand, you will avoid cash and endless number of receipts. Instead you, as the host, give your guests the freedom to choose their menu with the amount you have decided. Of course, it is possible to insert more money on the card if necessary. You can also get the remaining money refunded for a small fee. Get your Fairy Tale Card in the bar called Fino Vino. The Fairy Tale Cards can be used in all food stalls and bars and can be combined with “book a table”, “book your own area” or one of our beverages packages.

Book a tableBook an areaBeverages packages


Want to make this year’s Christmas party a spectacular one? We have got the location and space for your entire party. We offer a wide selection of street food and beverages and we are ready to greet you with Christmas hats, decorations and live music all evening. Read more about the dates and our Christmas offer here.

Christmas Parties