Company parties
Wedding receptions

... anything goes

Gather family, colleagues or friends for a fantastic evening in Pakhuset. Storms Pakhus is an obvious choice for big groups. With our approx. 6000 m2, there is plenty of space for all kinds of parties. In Pakhuset, you will find something of everyone's liking - you will find a great selection for both vegetarians, vegans and those with a gluten allergy.

Below you can read more about what we offer. If you have further questions or enquiries, you can contact us at

Company parties
Wedding receptions

... anything goes!


Book a table

Book a table all to yourself. We will find a table for you in Schiøtz' Have or at the back of the Pakhuset. If you are more than four people, it may be a good idea to book in advance. Bookings for the same day must be made before 15:00.

Book an area

Are you going to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or cheer for love, for everyday life or your colleagues? Then do it in Pakhuset, where you can book an entire area.

In Storms Pakhus, you can easily be the thoughtful host and at the same time sit back and spend your time on what is most important: your guests. We are also very happy to help put together a program for your day.

Read more about your possibilities below.

Book Schiøtz’s Have
(200-250 pers)

On a normal day, Schiøtz' Have is our primary booking area. However, you have the option of booking the entire area for a private group. There is space for approx. 200-250 people, depending on the purpose. It is possible to set up a stage as well as a projector for presentations. The area has direct access to the wine bar, coffee bar and beer bar. NB: Booking of this area must take place two months beforehand.


Book the Drivhuset til private selskaber (75-100 pers.)

Drivhuset in hall 3 is perfect for a private party. It is the perfect spot for your group if you are doing one of our events such as quiz or banko.

If you are less than 59 people, there will be a fee of DKK 5,000 for booking. For groups of 60 people or more, the fee is waived. AV equipment such as a projector, speakers and microphone is included in the booking. If you book Drivhuset, you have the option of purchasing an adventure card, fridge, extended AV equipment (e.g. if there will be a DJ or similar) and an EVENT.


Book the entire terrace incl. our Wine bus/Bar Terrace (max 15 people)

In Pakhuset, you can book onto the terrace of the wine bus and have a very special area for your entire party. Take a seat by the old bus, which we have transformed into Storms wine bar with a terrace and a cool view – the obvious choice for an out-of-the-ordinary celebration with a large selection of wine, cocktails and ice-cold draft beer just at your fingertips.

When booking the wine bus, there is a minimum payment of DKK 10,000 for drinks. The wine bus can be booked for a maximum of five hours all days of the week within Pakhuset's opening hours. In case of bad weather, we will find an area in Hall 1 and the minimum payment is waived. 

Layer 4

Drink Packages

When purchasing a drink package, everyone in the group is given a wristband, which simply needs to be shown at the bar. These packages are intended for groups of at least eight people.

Practical info: Wristbands are handed out in the bar, Fino Vino. We only serve a single drink at a time.



Greet the guests with a welcome drink and start the dinner with a festive toast. You can choose between:

Prosecco DKK 80,- pr. person
Aperol Spritz DKK 85,- pr. person
Storms Special DKK 80,- pr. person


With the Bronze Package your dinner-party gets the classic selection of beer, water andwine by the glass. The package includes Odense Pilsner, Odense Classic, soft drinks and Storms’ red, white and rosé wine. The price per person is:

2 hours: DKK 230 / 3 hours: DKK 315 / 4 hours: DKK 385


If you want that little extra than beer and wine to spice up the evening the Silver Package is the obvious choice. In addition to Odense Pilsner, Odense Classic, soft drinks, Storms’ red, white and rosé wine by the glass you also get a selection of drinks (e.g. G&T and Cuba libre). The price per person is:

2 hours: DKK 260 / 3 hours: DKK 345 / 4 hours: DKK 415


The Gold Package is pure luxury and the freedom to choose exactly what you want. This package includes all drinks by the glass - everything from wine, cocktails, beer, bubbles, soft drinks, G&T’s and what else we can conjure up from Storms’ bars. The price per person is:

2 hours: DKK 450 / 3 hours: DKK 625 / 4 hours: DKK 800

The drink packages are intended for groups of min. 8 people.
On arrival you will be given a wristband for your company in the bar ‘Fino Vino’.
Show this wristband when you pick up your drink in the bars.

Adventure cards

A card for the entire place on one single bill!

To travel is to live, as H. C. Andersen once said – and in the fairytale city of Odense you don't have to travel very far to live!

With an adventure card, your guests can choose the menu themselves. We make individual adventure cards so they can go exploring themselves - you just have to choose the amount on the cards. 

Our adventure cards can be used in all bars and food stalls and can be combined with "Book a table", "Book an area" or one of our drink packages.


Event packages

Storms Pakhus, we offer event packages for your group. Gather your friends, family or colleagues for some fun activities and challenges.

NB: Please note that when booking event packages you also book the "Greenhouse".



Challenge your group in general knowledge, film or something else. We provide the perfect surroundings, sound, host and a great atmosphere. However, you must provide prizes for the winners yourself.

Total price is DKK 3.000 ex. VAT (ex. prizes). Prizes can be purchased, typically for DKK 1.000-2.000.

The host is Michael Sørensen.



Get ready to shout “Banko” at the top of your lungs.

We provide surroundings, materials, sound, host and a great atmosphere.

Total price is DKK 5.000 ex. VAT (ex. prizes). Prizes can be purchased, typically for DKK 1.000-2.000.

The host is Kristian Fjord.


Live music quiz w/Fjord & Planks

Actor, entertainer and quiz host Kristian Fjord is accompanied by one of North Funen's musical prides, Mikkel "Planks" Planke, who will grace your ear canals in a classy way with hits that include everything from Teddy Edelmann to Minds Of 99, Rocazino and Oasis. Get ready to sing along.

Total price is DKK 12.000 ex. VAT (ex. prizes). Prizes can be purchased, typically for DKK 1.000-2.000.

The two hosts are Kristian Fjord & Planks.




We offer different types of tastings. Are you up for learning and tasting something new? We have skilled bartenders who are happy to host either gin, wine or beer tastings for both small and large parties.


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