Homemade pita bread. Butter chicken made from scratch and spicy samosas. Authentic pizzas from a wood-fired oven by an Italian maestro. Magical Asian dishes from Thailand & Vietnam. A sea of heavenly dishes made on spices from distant quarters of the world - as well as locally from Funen. Yes, Storms Pakhus has lots to offer. Explore the many different food stalls and bars below. Enjoy! 

Sweet N’ Street

DONUTS, CHEESECAKE, PIES, BUBBLE TEA and everything your heart could desire of delicious sweet and sugary treats.

Masala Corner

Do you need to spice up your day. Visit Masala Corner, we promise to make you sweat.

Beer bar

Beer, specialty beer and then some more beer.

Moe’s Taco

The Mexican cuisine is chef Moe’s greatest passion!

Pho VN

At Pho Vn you will find Vietnam’s immortal classics such as Pho, Banh Mi and Goi Cuon spring rolls.

Gyro’s Heroes

Greece has come to Pakhuset – and the name is “Gyros Heroes”. As you can guess from the name they make delicious GYROS.

Mr. Phan House

Try the soft steamed bao or delicious dim sum. The best Chinese Street Food, easy to share.

Holy fish

Don’t be shellfish, stay tuna’d for Holy Fish! Holy fish serve delicious and tasteful fish ‘n’ chips

Ukrainian Cheburek House

At the Ukrainian Cheburek House you will find a selection of specialities from Ukraine. They are especially proud of their ’’Chebureki’’.

Cocktail bar

If you are looking for an ice cold cocktail, you can find the cocktail bar just inside the main entrance.

Burger Anarchy

If you have a craving for burgers, you can choose between classic as well as new variations.

Fino Vino

We are offering all kind of wines and tasty bubbles in high quality.

Vorfor Vaffel

At Vorfor Vafler you can get homemade waffles made from scratch. Try out the different danish toppings while you’re at it!

Tak for kaf

At our coffee shop we serve you high-quality coffee, tea, hot cocoa and fresh juice with a complementary smile on the side.

Little Khon Kaen

Here you can have delicious curry disches and fresh made stir-fry. We offer the best of thai comfort food.

Pizza Pazza

Come taste some real Italian pizza – baked in a stone oven and sprinkled with some amore.

Tandoori BBQ

At Tandoori BBQ you’ll be tempted by freshly baked naan bread and BBQ skewers made the authentic Pakistani and Indian way.

The Wine Bus

Vinbussen is our outdoor bar where you can enjoy a large selection of rosé, white wine, bubbles, cocktails and beer.


Umashi specializes in Sushi & Japas – Japanese tapas. “Umashi” means delicious sushi, and that’s exactly what you can expect from this sushi stall.

Yazzy’s Pita

At Yasser you can experience his personal view of how pitas should be. The pita is freshly baked, when you order.

Vakse Viggo

Beers, sodas and drinks. You will find it all in Vakse Viggo in the middle of Storms Pakhus.


Salads that satisfies you. The menu will have ingredients suited the four seasons – and there will be something for the vegetarian, the meat lover and the vegan.

Dreaming of your own food stall?

Are you a fierce cook dreaming of running your own business? Then a food stall at Storms Pakhus might be just the right thing for you.As part of Storms Pakhus, you can look forward to busy days where guests will relish in your street food while enjoying the amazing atmosphere.It is important that your food stall is open seven days a week all year (with the possibility of being closed for a shorter period during Christmas and after New Year).Storms Pakhus will provide a container, but as an entrepreneur you need to set it up with a kitchen yourself. That way, your container will turn out exactly how you like.